Nouveau glissement de terrain aux Philippines

| Publié le 20/09/18

Landslide buries village, killing at least three people in Cebu, Philippines VIDEO SHOWS: LAND EROSION ON SIDE OF HILL, RUBBLE ON SIDE OF HILL NEAR PLACE OF RESIDENCE SHOWS, CEBU, PHILIPPINES (SEPTEMBER 20, 2018) (ORIGINALLY SHOT IN PORTRAIT) (SAM MOCHA UY - NO RESALE / MUST ON SCREEN COURTESY SAM MOCHA UY) 1. LAND COLLAPSE ON SIDE OF HILL SEEN FROM DISTANCE, PEOPLE LOOKING ON 2. PEOPLE LOOKING AT SITE OF LANDSLIDE (MUTE) CEBU, PHILIPPINES (SEPTEMBER 20, 2018) (VHANN QUISIDO - NO RESALE / MUST ON SCREEN COURTESY VHANN QUISIDO) 3. STILL PHOTOGRAPH OF LAND EROSION NEAR HOUSE 4. STILL PHOTOGRAPH OF LAND EROSION STORY: A landslide killed atleast three people after a heavy downpour on Philippines' Cebu island on Thursday (September 20), burying houses. Images shared with Reuters showed erosion on the side of the hill, with land debris falling over the village in Naga city - an area known for mining non-metallic material. Spokesperson for the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) told local media that the landslide buried at least ten houses on early Thursday morning. Rescuers were not able to confirm the number of people the landslide affected when it struck the village.