Un garçon monte sur scène en pleine audience papale

2 min

| Publié le 28/11/18

VIDEO SHOWS: SMALL BOY RUNNING ONTO PODIUM AND PULLING SLEEVE OF SWISS GUARD, POPE LAUGHING, SMALL SISTER RUNNING UP TO PODIUM TO PULL BOY OFF STAGE, POPE SPEAKING TO BOY AND MOTHER, POPE ADDRESSING CROWD ABOUT SMALL BOY SHOTLIST ONLY, COMPLETE SCRIPT TO FOLLOW VATICAN CITY (NOVEMBER 28, 2018) (CTV - ACCESS ALL) 1. SMALL BOY WALKING TO ALTAR WHERE POPE FRANCIS IS SEATED DURING WEEKLY AUDIENCE/ BOY WALKING PAST POPE AND PULLING SLEEVE OF SWISS GUARD STANDING NEAR POPE 2. MOTHER JOINING BOY IN FRONT OF POPE FRANCIS / POPE FRANCIS TELLING HER (Spanish): ''Leave him. If he wants to play here, leave him'' 3. LITTLE GIRL JOINING BOY ON ALTAR AND TRYING TO PULL HIM AWAY 4. VARIOUS OF BOY AND LITTLE GIRL PLAYING AS PAPAL AUDIENCE GOES ON 5. VARIOUS OF BOY PLAYING AROUND POPE FRANCIS ON PODIUM 6. AUDIENCE, WITH CHILD WATCHING AND WOMAN SMILING 7. CHILD NEAR POPE 8. (SOUNDBITE) (Spanish) POPE FRANCIS SAYING: ''This child cannot speak. He is mute. But he can communicate. He knows how to express himself. And he has something that got me thinking: he is free. Free and unruly (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS). But he is free. He made me think of myself. Am I also so free in front of God? When Jesus tells us that we have to be like children he is telling us that we need to feel as free as a child feels in front of his parents. I think this is what this child has preached to us all. Let's ask (God) the grace that he may speak.'' 9. AUDIENCE CLAPPING