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Philippines: inondations dûes à la mousson

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| Publié le 06/08/12

Rising floods from heavy monsoon rains shut down markets, cripple traffic, and force thousands in Manila to flee their homes. SHOWS: MARIKINA CITY, METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES (AUGUST 7, 2012) (REUTERS - ACCESS ALL) 1. VEHICLES ON FLOODED ROAD 2. COMMUTERS WAITING ON ROAD 3. FLOODS GUSHING 4. (SOUNDBITE) (Filipino) MARIKINA RESIDENT LOUIE TOLIDANDO SAYING: "The water levels near the riverside were rising. The river was overflowing and water was reaching our homes." 5. RESIDENTS ON BRIDGE LOOKING AT OVERFLOWING MARIKINA RIVER 6. OVERFLOWING RIVER 7. CHILDREN DISEMBARKING FROM TRUCK 8. (SOUNDBITE) (Filipino) MARIKINA RESIDENT ESTER ROBANDO SAYING: "The floods are so deep where we live. We don''t want a repeat of Typhoon Ketsana a few years ago. We got scared, so we evacuated last night." 9. VARIOUS OF CLASSROOM THAT SERVES AS TEMPORARY SHELTER 10. (SOUNDBITE) (Filipino) TEACHER MELANIO DAVID SAYING: "As of now, there are about 5,000 people here. We can''t control the flow of people." 11. VARIOUS OF FAMILY INSIDE CLASSROOM 12. MELANIO FAMILY INSIDE CLASSROOM 13. EVACUEES STAYING INSIDE CLASSROOM 14. WIDE VIEW OF SCHOOL STORY TO FOLLOW