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Le pape François à New York

2 min

| Publié le 23/09/15

Pope Francis arrives in New York City and makes his way to St. Patrick''s where he will attend the first of his events in the Big Apple. SHOWS: NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES (SEPTEMBER 24, 2015) (RESTRICTED POOL - NO ACCESS NEW YORK BROADCAST AND NEW YORK ONLINE MARKETS/NO RESALE) 1. HELICOPTERS CARRYING POPE FRANCIS AND OTHER MEMBERS OF HIS DELEGATION LANDING AT MANHATTAN HELIPORT AFTER COMING FROM JFK AIRPORT 2. POPE IN CAR SEEN THROUGH FRONT WINDOW 3. VARIOUS OF CAR WITH POPE INSIDE LEAVING HELIPORT 4. POPE STEPPING INTO POPEMOBILE 5. PEOPLE FILMING POPE WITH CELL PHONES 6. VARIOUS OF POPE WAVING TO CROWD FROM POPEMOBILE 7. POPEMOBILE PULLING UP TO FRONT OF ST. PATRICK''S CATHEDRAL STORY: Pope Francis greeted cheering crowds in New York as he made his way to St. Patrick''s Cathedral for his first public event in the Big Apple on Thursday (September 24). As the crowds cheered and held aloft cell phones to record the historic moment, the pontiff waved from his popemobile as it made it''s way through midtown streets. The Pope had arrived in New York''s JFK airport and then was taken by helicopter to a heliport along the East River. At St. Patrick''s the Pope was scheduled to take part vesper services before retiring for the night. It was a busy day for Pope Francis, who addressed a joint session of Congress earlier in Washington where he delivered a wide-ranging speech that addressed issues dear to liberals in the United States but also emphasized conservative values and Catholic teachings on the family. On Friday the Pope has a full day of events starting off with an address to the United Nations General Assembly in the morning and capping the day off with a service to thousands at Madison Square Garden.