La police montre la bague retrouvée

| Publié le 03/12/18

RESTRICTION SUMMARY: PART MANDATORY COURTESY NYPD/PART MUST COURTESY WABC, NO ACCESS NEW YORK MARKET SHOTLIST: NYPD HANDOUT - MANDATORY COURTESY NYPD New York City - 30 November 2018 ++MUTE++ 1. British couple John Drennan and Daniella Anthony looking down sewer 2. Stills of couple around sewer and lost ring WABC - MANDATORY COURTESY WABC, NO ACCESS NEW YORK MARKET New York City - 2 December 2018 3. SOUNDBITE (English) Detective Vincent Fulgieri, New York Police Department: "So we got the we got a phone call from precinct that was on scene around midnight that a couple of dropped the ring down the sewer grate. We took a ride over and we opened up the sewer grate to attempt to recover the ring. Due to the lighting conditions, unfortunately, we weren't able to find it fater spending over an hour in the sewer. At the end of the midnight tour and start of the day tour and let the officers who were taking over to let them know and said they were going to come back over and look for it in better conditions." 4. Wide of police detectives together 5. SOUNDBITE (English) Detective Joseph  Bucchignano, New York Police Department: "Detective Blackman and I came back up here during the daylight hours and about 9 a.m. or so figured maybe with daylight we'd have some better or better luck finding the ring down there. So we contacted Detective Fulgieri at home. He was kind enough on his own time to let us know exactly where the grate was. We opened it back up went back down there and fortunately after about 10 or 15 minutes we were able to recover it from the from the sewer grate." 6. Police detectives together 7. SOUNDBITE (English) Detective Joseph  Bucchignano, New York Police Department: "There was a lot of muck and a lot of just typical stuff that you would find at the bottom of a sewer grate down there but fortunately it was actually kind of sitting up on top of that stuff so it really wasn't hard to find it was just a small object like that amidst all the garbage." 8. Detectives together 9. SOUNDBITE (English) Detective Joseph  Bucchignano, New York Police Department: "Well, I mean it feels good. Once again based on the circumstances behind this, the time of year that it is, the fact that they were a newly engaged couple, you know, and being able to return to a sentimental item like that back to somebody. In  a lot of senses with the type of work that we do, it might seem like something that's small but to them it's a big deal. So that's kind of what you know what really matters." 10. Detectives together 11. SOUNDBITE (English) Detective Brian Glacken, New York Police Department/Detective Joseph  Bucchignano, New York Police Department: Glacken: "It's New York City. We have a lot of gates." Bucchignano: "I'm surprised we didn't find more than this one down there, so.. this is the ring." (Zoom on ring as Buchignano holds it up) "I'm a little more nimble. It's probably about eight feet but there's a ladder that leads down there." 12. Zoom on ring as Bucchignano holds it up STORYLINE: A trans-Atlantic love affair has sprouted between a once anonymous English couple who lost an engagement ring down a Times Square utility grate, returning home thinking it was gone forever, and the New York City police officers who found it in the muck eight feet (2.4 metres) under. "I cannot thank you enough, although I will try," Englishman John Drennan said in a tweet directed at the New York police Sunday. "A few cold beers when we come back to NYC! We are completely overwhelmed and you will definitely get a mention at our wedding!" The NYPD had been looking for Drennan and his fiancee, Daniella Anthony, since they retrieved the