Alstom lance le premier train à hydrogène du monde

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| Publié le 17/09/18

[The world’s first hydrogen-powered passenger train had its first ride from Bremervoerde today] The world's first hydrogen-powered electric train started its premiere run in Bremervoerde on Sunday. The emission-free regional train, built by the Alstom company, will connect the cities of Bremervoerde, Cuxhaven, Bremerhaven and Buxtehude starting Monday. The train, called "Coradia iLint", has a hydrogen tank and a fuel cell on its roof. The fuel cell converts the hydrogen directly into electrical energy. The train has a maximum speed of 140 kilometers per hour and is therefore as fast as a diesel train. The hydrogen train travels about 1,000 kilometers with one tank full. According to experts, the combination of hydrogen and fuel cells is regarded as the ideal propulsion system with a view to climate protection. The line served by the fuel cell train in the future is not electrified by overhead lines. So far, diesel railcars have been in service there. vs pix of hydrogene-powered train