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Distribution de nourriture aux réfugiés en Hongrie

| Publié le 10/09/15

[Hungarian authorities throwing food to refugees in Roszke ] Hungarian authorities were caught on camera throwing food to crowd of refugees and migrants gathered at a food bank in the Hungarian border town of Roszke, where hundreds are camped out hoping to travel north toward Austria and Germany. The UNHCR criticized Hungary for the worsening conditions in Roszke, where chaos broke out on September 8 as asylum seekers ran through a police line around the makeshift camp, trying to escape through a cornfield. The footage was shared by Alexander Spritzendorfer, an Austrian politician. In his description of the footage, he says that his wife, Michaela Spritzendorfer-Ehrenhauser, filmed the conditions in Roszke on the night of September 9. This videos are described as showing approximately 300 people trying to catch plastic bags packed sausage rolls and bottled water thrown by police wearing surgical masks into the crowd. A report by includes photos showing the conditions inside the camp and food bank.