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Action de Greenpeace dans une mine de charbon slovaque


| Publié le 06/12/18

[Members of greenpeace arrested] After the twelve activists on Wednesday morning had climbed to the mining tower, the Hornonitrian mines had to stop the coal mining for five hours. The original information suggests that miners' lives have been compromised and have not been confirmed. The Prosecutor's Office accused of the risk of endangering the operation of a generally beneficial device. Against the custody decision, all charges were filed by the District Court in Trencin after filing the file. xxx General Attorney Jaromir Ciznar requested a case file of 12 Greenpeace activists. The District Court in Prievidza yesterday imposed a coup in protest against coal mining in Novaky. Against this decision, all complainants have filed a complaint. It will be decided by the Regional Court in Trencin. The activists were represented by Prime Minister Peter PELLEGRINI and the Ministry of the Environment. Although the ministry has stated that it does not want to comment on the court's decision, it is known from past cases that the members of the organization are aware of people primarily concerned with protecting the environment. Pictures, activists holding transparents " Activism isn´t crime" Soundbite, sister of arrested activist: "This is very unfair, I think this is not a crime what they did, activism is not a crime." Soundbite, Minister of Justice, Gabor Gal: "No single public authority should enter and intervene in the work of the courts. On the other hand, but also from the context of the fact that the decisions we made in other serious cases, this decision surprised me."